Who We Are

While we’re a new company, our team members have decades of experience in the field as both in-house employees and consultants – giving us a unique understanding the breadth of available solutions as well as the sensitivities of managing IT budgets, product lifecycles and end-user support.

Our team includes experienced technology pro who have served in CTO & CISO roles for businesses of various sizes in diverse range of industries ranging from Entertainment to Finance to Defense.

Michael Allen
With over 20-years’ experience in IT, Michael had singlehandedly supported upwards of 350 users in 10 countries. He’s put together solutions for financial service providers, entertainment companies, medical offices and manufacturers.
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Matt VanOmmeren
Based in New York, Matthew has a broad range of experience in infrastructure, IT Service Management and Enterprise Software.
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Jack Cate
Based in Los Angeles, Jack and Michael have worked together since the 1990s. Jack currently serves as CIO at international defense firm DCX-Chol Enterprises.
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